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Blashford Lakes – Wildlife Rangers day

At the Blashford lakes Young naturalists group at the weekend we made a dead hedge to shield the people walking past from disturbing the birds on Ivy lake.Blashford-Hide-Screen

These Scarlet Elf Cup were a nice splash of colour in amongst the rotting leaves and logs.Blashford-Scarlet-elf-cup


When we had finished we spent an hour doing the Big Garden Birdwatch from the woodland hide there, and saw many birds. The finches particularly were making a real noise in the trees above the woodland hide. I couldn’t believe how many there were there altogether. Our final tally (the most seen at any one time)  was: 17 siskin, 7 blue tit, 7 goldfinch, 7 dunnock, 5 greenfinch, 5 robin, 4 great tit, 4 lesser redpoll, 3 collared dove, 2 coal tit, 2 blackbird and 1 nuthatch, great spotted woodpecker, brambling, stock dove, jackdaw, wood pigeon, long tailed tit and sparrow hawk. For more info have a look at the Blashford Lakes blog.

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We also saw lots of birds at the Ivy South hide.  There were cormorants in the tree and a great crested grebe which came pretty close to the hide. I also took this little video of a tufted duck.




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