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Brownsea Island Adventure

sept14-cover-100Yesterday, inspired by the latest issue of the BBC Wildlife Magazine with the red squirrel on the front, we set off from Poole Quay on a ferry for a day trip to the National Trust owned Brownsea Island.

Brownsea Island has a unique spot in the middle of Poole harbour with woodland, heathland and a large lagoon which attracts lots of waders. It is one of the last strongholds of the red squirrel in the south of England.  There is a population of approximately 200 red squirrels on the island and we hoped to spot one or two while we were there.

red-squirrelWe were lucky enough to end up seeing at least four running, jumping and chasing around the woods. The best place to see them seemed to be the area managed by the Dorset Wildlife Trust as it wasn’t as busy as the main part of the island.  You have to pay a little extra to go in here but it was worth it to see them and the stunning lagoon full of waders. Have a look at this slideshow for more images.

* please correct me if I am wrong.

Author: Jackson

Jackson is a young person with an active interest in natural history. He has been asked to be a Local Patch Reporter, writing a regular nature blog about the wildlife in his area for BBC Wildlife Magazine.

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