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Hampshire UK

Day out in The New Forest

It was an exciting day on Sunday, we went to Beaulieu Rd in the New Forest in the hope of catching a glimpse of a Dartford warbler or even better a photograph. Unfortunately we did not see one but we definitely saw a great deal more than we expected, we saw:

Two birds we identified to be Mistlethrush, a Red admiral butterfly basking in the sun, a huge bumblebee, loads of New Forest ponies and a small herd of Fallow deer bouncing over the heathland and into the woods.

The excitement continued as we saw two Red kites and a Buzzard on the way home. To our surprise when we got back a Sparrowhawk came to our bird feeders and almost took out a Great tit.

Later Dad and I went out for another walk in our wood looking for deer. Once again the results were good we saw two herds of deer one with the elusive and impressive pale stag. We exited the woods with Tawny owls twit-wooing behind us.

So all in all a pretty good day!

Author: Jackson

Jackson is a young person with an active interest in natural history. He has been asked to be a Local Patch Reporter, writing a regular nature blog about the wildlife in his area for BBC Wildlife Magazine.

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